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The Father Says Today: Vol. IV (PDF):

The Father Says Today Vol. IV is yet another edition of what has become a popular series of Daily Prophetic Words. In these pages you will find prophetic words that are personal in nature and powerful in character to put you over in life. The prophetic is about speaking to your potential and directing you to positive avenues of change and blessing. God's plan for your life is characterized by the yes and amen of the promises of His word. The prophetic words you find her compliment your bible study and empower your prayer life to provoke and see the change you are crying out for.
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Seven Days of God's Process (PDF):

Have you ever asked the question "how long, oh God?" There is an answer, revealed in the very beginning of the scriptural record. When God created the earth - why didn't He just snap His fingers and bring everything into existence in a moment of time? He wanted you to understand something of His nature and His process by which He acts in our lives on a day to day basis. Seven Days of God's Process by Prophet Russ Walden will bring revelation and understanding of what God is doing in your life and how you can cooperate to hasten the breakthrough heaven has in store for you.
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The Father Says Today Vol. III (PDF):

A new edition of what has become a successful series of daily prophetic words. In these pages you will find prophetic words that are personal in nature and powerful in character to put you over in life. The prophetic is about speaking to your potential and directing you to positive avenues of change and blessing. God’s plan for your life is characterized by the YES and AMEN of the promises of His word. The prophetic words you find here compliment your bible study and empower your prayer life to provoke and see the change you are crying out for.
Paperback Version of The Father Says Today Vol. III; Vol. II and Vol. I :Available Here
n50The Next 50 Years: A Prophetic Perspective (PDF):

Prophet Russ Walden gives a generation-spanning insight into 24 world changing events that will transpire over the next 50 years. Questions to your deepest concerns globally will be addressed from these chapters wherein Prophet Walden's personal revelation direct from the Father are put down in understandable and clear language. What will the political landscape look like over the next half century? Will a record breaking cataclysm strike the Midwest? Will the Yellowstone Caldera erupt - and what will be the consequences? Will the LGBT demographic put a president in the White House? Will there be a new Great Awakening to mitigate the monumental cultural shift that is marginalizing the Christian faith in the earth? All of these questions and many more will be addressed covering events in the US, Europe, Africa and the far flung nations of the earth. In this book you will find astounding predictions inspired by the Spirit of God that will prepare you and personally position you for the greatness of God that is emerging as the nations are brought to their knees at the foot of the cross!
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Opting into Apostolic Culture (PDF):

Presents in clear and understandable language a personal directive for your life that will provoke you to WALK INTO the breakthrough that you have been WAITING FOR without success. There is PROCESS and OUTCOME in God. Many believers have believed that "one day - some day" their ship will come in and their miracle will happen. Toward that end they have waited and watched with nothing getting better. In "Process and Outcome", Prophet Russ shows you how to move with purpose into the very breakthrough season that you have been vainly waiting for yet has never come.
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Spiritual Meteorology (PDF):

You can set your own season in God! You can predict the spiritual climate of your life and position yourself for blessing and breakthrough. There are seven JET STREAMS which make up our weather on the planet and there are also Seven Spirits of God that blow in your life. When you anticipate the wind of God the seven spirits of God bend low and pour out on your life bringing the beneficial rains of HIs grace and favor. In Matt. 16:3 Jesus rebukes the Pharisees for being able to predict the weather but not understanding the kingdom of God. The Psalmist tells us that the heavens declare the glory of God (Psa. 19:1). In this book you will come to an understanding of the weather (meteorology) from a kingdom perspective which will bring deep revelation of the 7 Spirits of God.
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Enochian Walks with God! $10.00Enochian Walks with God! (PDF):

Another Look at Enoch, Immortality and the Rapture. In Gen. 5:24 we see the patriarch Enoch purportedly walking into immortality and circumventing death. Was this experience unique to Enoch or does his life and translation demonstrate an experience available to all believers? In this provocative book Prophet Russ Walden takes a deeper look at Enoch and brings an encouraging message to those hungering for more of God in their lives who may be asking “do we have all that God has available to us this side of eternity”? Walk like Enoch Walked, Talk like Enoch Talked, Get What Enoch Got, Go where Enoch Went!
Paperback Version of Enochian Walks with God (above):Available Here
Face to Face with the Father: (PDF)

Face to Face with the Father is a chronicle of the men and women who saw the face of God and lived. In this work of Biblical fiction you will join men and women throughout the bible who experienced up close and personal encounters with God. Have you ever puzzled over passages such as Genesis 17:9: "And God said unto Abraham..."? What must that have been like? Does God speak to us in like manner today? Have you longingly envied when you read in John 21:20 how John the beloved "leaned on the master's breast at supper"? Have you wondered what Ezekiel must have experienced when he said in Ezekiel 1:1: "the heavens were opened, and I saw visions of God."? Are such visions available to you today? This book is a work of inductive fiction. Reading these chapters will plunge you into the rarified atmosphere of a FACE TO FACE ENCOUNTER with God. Over the centuries Christian mystics have disclosed stunning accounts of open visions. Face to Face with the Father makes that experience accessible to you, the reader. Reading Face to Face with the Father will leave you undone at the feet of the Master. Each chapter will fire your passion for your own unique experience that awaits every seeker.
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The Baseline: 52 Week Bible Study: (PDF)

You must be equipped with the basic information that provides an inventory of practical truth for yourself and your loved ones. The Baseline will give you that inventory. It will also provide the framework for a regular weekly time of gathering around the teaching of Scriptures. Face-to-face family time is an addicting practice. You will even find your children’s friends will find excuses to sit at your feet and receive from you what they are not getting at home. We have heard it said for years that God is raising up a generation of mothers and fathers to pour love into the fatherless generations of the West. It is time for the spiritual mothers and spiritual fathers to rise up and take their rightful places--there are no shortcuts.
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Demystifying the Prophetic (PDF):

A 12 Week Prophetic Encounter that will activate the Voice of God in Your Life! Russ and Kitty Walden have moved in the prophetic gifts throughout the USA and around the world, They have conducted courses in prophetic activation prophetic gifting and prophetic office. Their mandate is to DEMYSTIFY THE PROPHETIC and make the voice of God available to every seeking soul. If you ever wondered if you could hear from God, or ever desired to share with others the breakthrough words of life and transformation then this book is for you. PROPHETIC INTERNSHIP ACTIVATION will launch you into the rarified experience of knowing God's voice and sharing what you hear with others. Whatever your experience level this is your starting point. In these 12 internship lessons you will learn the modalities by which God speaks and come to understand the character of God's voice which will assure that you have heard correctly. Your gifting is needed in the earth and Prophets Russ and Kitty have brought this book to the marketplace to activate, empower and instruct you in the demonstration of God's voice in the prophetic - for your benefit and the benefit of others.
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PDF Resources

Overcoming Hinderances to Speaking in Tongues (PDF):

This teaching has helps 1000's deal with this issue. Fluency of gifting is possible for you - and breakthrough in life as this gift becomes your reality. (PDF version - will be sent to you via e-mail)
Breaking Stagnation$6.95
Bridal Season$6.95
Can You Take NOW for an Answer?$6.95
Cleansed, Anointing and Activated$6.95
Coming Great Awakening$6.95
Death Bed Diagnosis - What Now?$6.95
Discernment and God’s Timing$6.95
Extreme Pursuit of the Kingdom$6.95
Generational Curses 1 and 2$6.95
Kabod Glory of God$6.95
God Even Makes Your Mistakes to Prosper$6.95
Kingdom Entitlement$6.95
Letting Go of the Past$6.95
Nuclear Iran - A Prophetic Perspective$6.95
Mayan Apocalypse$6.95
Pressing into the Kingdom$6.95
Priming the Prophetic$6.95
Prophetic Dream Interpretation$6.95
Provoking the Bridal Mercy of God$6.95
Retaining Our Joy$6.95
Ruling Our Cities$6.95
Signs in the Heavens$6.95
Taking Away Satan’s Advantage$6.95
Oracle Within - Oracle Without$6.95
Quantum Power of Words$6.95
Seven Spirits of God$6.95
Spirit of Python$6.95
Understanding Judgment$6.95
When Prophecies Fail$6.95
Who is the Prophet in Your Life?$6.95
Prophecy to the Hispanic People$6.95